Boutique Hotel

24 East 39th Street, New York City

The design is a collaboration with In Situ Design (interior architecture and design) and William Engel (paintings).  Staging interiors that blur the line between our fields and crossing the boundaries of architecture, interiors, furniture, and art, we created a livable 3-dimensional painting.  In our imaginations, slots were opened into the rooftop and paint was poured down finding its way between walls and appearing as bold rectangles in niches and ceilings, headboards and splashed onto carpets.  Guest are immersed into visceral color on each floor having it’s own monochromatic palette; blue, teal, pink, green, orange and yellow, the colors emerging in degrees of vibrancy.  Diplomatic neutrality is found on furnishing and finishes with a play of gray tweed.

Team; In Situ Design | Lilian B Interiors | William Engel | Katie Barons

Photography: Eric Laignel and Eric STriffler